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Adelaide to Melbourne Road Trip #1
Road Trip. ADL - MEL #1

Who doesn’t love a road trip? You and your partner in crime with the freedom to stop where and for as long as you please. Being an expat Aussie, I appreciate every moment I spend in my home country, especially the time I spend in my home state. The beauty

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Melbourne: 24 Hours in St Kilda!
St Kilda. Victoria. Australia.

With beachfront, sea baths and a bohemian society, there’s nowhere quite like St Kilda. From its affluent beginning in the 1800s as a seaside resort destination to its colourful post-WWII “red light” reputation, St Kilda is a mixing pot of cuisines, culture and class. Spend 24 hours and St Kilda will

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2017 Travel Round-up!

With a new year comes new plans, new goals and new opportunities. At, it’ll be all that and more. I have some exciting projects and a host of planned adventures in 2018. As the new year looms, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the amazing year I’ve

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HOTEL REVIEW: Tolarno Hotel, St Kilda, Melbourne!
Tolarno Hotel. St Kilda. Victoria.

The Tolarno Hotel, St Kilda, is Melbourne’s original art hotel. Since the 60’s, the Tolarno has attracted Melbourne’s art crowd. Originally the private residence of Mirka and George Mora, artist and art dealer respectively, their restaurant at street level fed, watered and provided a sanctuary for the arts community. Opened in 2002,

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