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Cyprus: A Larnaca Layover!
Larnaca. Cyprus.

Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an eastern Mediterranean island located in western Asia. Clockwise, from 12 o’clock, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Greece are the island’s neighbours. With its history dating back 12,000 years, Cyprus experienced multiple rulers from surrounding neighbours in addition to France and Italy. Ottoman rule survived

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Malta: Gozo & Comino Island Hopping!
Gozo. Comino. Malta.

Malta’s appeal doesn’t stop with the main island. Gozo and the tiny island of Comino entice with their individual charm. A day trip will cover both, but if you have time, spend a night in Gozo then take the early morning ferry to Comino. You’ll be rewarded with valuable alone time before the

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Malta: St. Julian’s, to party or not to party?
St Julian's. Malta.

St Julian’s has the reputation of being Malta’s party capital. It’s not unusual for bars and clubs to open for 20 hours straight through the heady days of summer. For those of you looking to do more than party, St Julian’s does offer a number of alternatives. Here are some

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Malta: Sliema and the Sea!

Once a quiet fishing village similar to many on Malta, Sliema drew the attention of wealthy Maltese and Brits through the 19th & 20th centuries. Sliema, originating from the Maltese word for peace, became a seaside holiday destination for the affluent. Now a dynamic hub for shopping, dining, bar hopping and

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