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In a world where there’s an app for just about everything, the discerning traveller has a plethora of budget saving options. Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, Hopper; they’re all great for saving on flights. Agoda, Booking.comAirbnb and  Homestay help you save on accommodation.

Discount Accommodation App
Accommodation App

There are apps with savings on car hire, boat cruises and train travel; you name it, getting there, getting around and getting some sleep are well and truly covered.

OK, so that’s all fabulous, but what if you fancy a little pampering, exclusive dining, entrance to attractions or to explore unknown territories? Check out the following apps, we’re sure they’ll have you covered.

Discount Apps for Travellers
Welcome to VoucherSkout


With Dubai Airport’s international traffic the highest in the world, it stands to reason many of us will end up in this exotic playground. Whether it’s overnight, a few days stop-over or your final destination, Dubai’s allure may come at a price, but what if that price could be halved? Download VoucherSkout for iPhone or Android and enjoy up to 50% off at restaurants, health clubs, beach clubs, and even on luxury yachts.

Discount Apps for Travellers
Select savings via location with VoucherSkout

Just 3 months old and recognising a gap in the “offers” market, VoucherSkout focuses on a “now economy” with no upfront fees and no voucher pre-purchasing. Vouchers are redeemed on the spot with either accumulated credits or a mere AED 15 deducted from the credit card stored securely in your profile.

Although the majority of offers are in Dubai and expanding on a weekly basis, you’ll also find savings in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. You can search “nearby”, via the map or if you’re set on a venue, type it in and your voucher will appear.

Discount Apps for Travellers
VoucherSkout Savings Categories

With Dubai’s brunch scene so prolific, the thing we love about VoucherSkout is the separate brunch category from food and drink. It makes organising a Friday get together that much easier. When downloading the app, use the referral code UECKBJ to immediately receive credits. Enjoy your holiday in Dubai at half the price!

Discount Apps for Travellers
Welcome to EatPlayLive – Asia’s Premier Lifestyle App


Those heading to, or through, South East Asia certainly won’t miss out with EatPlayLive, Asia’s premier Lifestyle App. The app may be brand new, but the people behind it are not. With over 40 years collectively in the game, Julie and James are experts in bringing savings to you.

EatPlayLive went live in November with exciting offers in Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong and it doesn’t look like slowing down in 2017. Coming on board are Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines and South Korea. USD 75 up front gets you a year of perks and privileges at some of the best outlets, but if you plan on simply travelling through, monthly membership at USD 10 is for you.

Discount Apps for Travellers
Select your city and decide whether to Eat Play or Live

So you’ve always wanted to drive a supercar? With EatPlayLive’s saving at Ultimate Drive, you can! Weekend yacht charters with SGYachts are now within reach thanks to EatPlayLive and there’s no end to dining in Singapore.

Discount Apps for Travellers
Deal listings with EatPlayLive

With “buy 1 get 1”, complimentary bubbles or 20-50% off the total bill, a stay in Singapore becomes a lot easier on the wallet. In Bali, Spa treatments, Golf Clubs, Pool Bars and Beach Clubs are up for grabs. What are you waiting for, download, signup and start saving!


If you’re heading “down under” Scoopon might be for you. Their group buying principle differs from the “now economy” of VoucherSkout and EatPlayLive, but with a little organisation you can save a bundle.

How it works. Deals are based on reaching minimum purchases before they go ahead. Once the minimum is hit, your credit card is charged and all you have to do is redeem. Pay careful attention to T&Cs before you commit. Eligible dates may be unsuitable or other restrictions may apply.

Discount Apps for Travellers
A possible Scoopon deal

A little more planning is required for Scoopon, but some of the deals are incredibly generous. Take 30% saving on cruises for example or 50% discount on 18 holes of golf on the sunshine coast. There are accommodation deals Australia wide, health and fitness, grooming, dining and drinking; in fact, everything you would possibly need on vacation.

Discount Apps for Travellers
A possible Scoopon deal


The grand-daddy of them all, Groupon is a global force. Established in Chicago in 2008 and arguably the instigator of the group buying principle, Groupon now has food delivery, take-out from hundreds of restaurants and wine tasting sessions at home.

Their categories cover health and fitness, electronics, clothing, beauty, spas, all manner of things, but the one we’re interested in is travel (of course!) Check out their “All Inclusive” deals. Accommodation, airfares, plus, plus, and in some cases reduced by 50%.

You name it, Groupon has it, so add your location, choose your category and select your deal. Remember, your credit card is charged as soon as the deal is live, so look out for offers with money back guarantees and again, read the T&Cs carefully.

Discount Apps for Travellers
A possible Groupon Deal

With these apps, there’s no reason to pay full tote to travel. Download the apps, check out the deals and start saving.

Getting more bang for our travel buck; it’s a thing we love….


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