Vancouver: Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro!

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Behind an unassuming shop front on West Broadway, you’ll find the only First Nations restaurant in Vancouver.

At Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro, (a short cab ride from Granville Island Market) Inez and Remi acknowledge the Salish Territories (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh) First Nations by serving traditional ingredients prepared and presented in a contemporary way.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Traditional house-baked Bannock @ Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro.


Bannock or ban-ik, is a traditional unleavened bread baked in house. Order it as a side, or filled with 6 ounces of sage smoked sockeye salmon, pickles, kale and lemon-dill mayo in the Salmon ‘n’ Bannock burger.

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Burger.

To get your fill of traditional protein take on the Game Burger. Choose from free range Bison, Elk or Boar topped with cheese, pickles, organic tomatoes and greens then drizzled with dijon mayo. Yum! (apologies to our vego friends)

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
The Game Burger @ Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro.

Bannock is baked, sliced, dried in the oven and viola! becomes crackers alongside appetisers of house cured wild sockeye salmon, BBQ salmon mousse or with salmon & game sample plates.

With the salmon sampler, expect salmon 3 ways. On our visit, house cured sockeye, salmon mousse & Indian Candy, (bite-sized pieces of candied & smoked wild chum salmon).

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Salmon Sampler with Candied, Moussed & House-cured Salmon.

For free range meats, order the Game Sampler. Daily offerings are dictated by availability, but bison, elk and boar are on the wish list. Add this to slices of game sausage, berry preserve, cedar jelly, smoked cheese and bannock crackers and you have a range of simple, yet intense traditional flavours.

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Game Sampler (or what’s left of it) served with berry preserve, cedar jelly, smoked cheese & pickles.

Tuck into organic salads and veg. The baby spinach salad is a standout with caramelised onions, fresh berries and sunflower seeds, as is the arugula salad with poached beets, goats cheese and walnuts.

Check the specials for fiddleheads. Young and tender, these unfurled fern fronds (say that 10 times quickly!) are delicious simply steamed or sautéed. A source of omega 3 & 6 and high in iron and fibre, they’re named for the ornamental scroll on the end of a stringed instrument.

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Steamed Fiddleheads. Young, tender unfurled fern fronds.

If you’re lucky, Oolichans will be available. Also known as Candlefish, they add 15% of their body weight as fat during spawning so if caught and dried can actually be burnt as a candle. We’d prefer to eat them and if like us, you’re a sardine lover, these will quickly become things you love….

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Oolichans or Candle Fish on the specials @ Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro.

The Bannock Bread Pudding is a winner, or enjoy your dessert in liquid form. Canadian Maple Whisk(e)y from Quebec is smooth, with just a hint of maple sweetness and only slightly intoxicating. 😉

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Maple Syrup Whiskey from Quebec.


Tree Brewing Co, Okanagan Spring Brewery and Lucky Lager are all found on the beer list. The cider worth mentioning is made with tree fruits from Broken Ladder.

Wines, as you’d expect are locally produced and Salmon ‘n’ Bannock’s House Wines from Lavina Estate hold their own.

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Salmon ‘n’ Bannock House Wine from Lavina Estate, Armstrong, BC.

Nk’Mip (Inkameep) Cellars is the first Aboriginal owned winery in North America.  Dreamcatcher (Chenin Blanc/ Reisling) and Talon (Cab Sauv/ Shiraz) are both excellent wines, but one to enjoy over the entire meal is their Rosé.

An Ice Wine from Nk’Mip to finish the evening wouldn’t be a silly idea either.


Salmon ‘n’ Bannock support indigenous crafts so you’ll find sculptures, paintings, silk prints and traditional clothing and accessories on sale throughout the restaurant.

Salmon 'n' Bannock Bistro. Vancouver. Canada.
Pieces by Indigenous artists available on sale @ Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro.


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If you’re up for an incredibly scrumptious meal, delicious wines, and both friendly and educational service, Salmon ‘n’ Bannock is for you. Reservations are recommended along with a hearty appetite!

Salmon ‘n’ Bannock Bistro in Vancouver is a place we love….

** dined at Salmon ‘n’ Bannock anonymously and happily paid the bill making this a completely unbiased review of a unique dining experience.

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