Espresso Martinis in 30 Shakes

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Espresso Martinis still seem to be the cocktail du jour. Have you ever wondered what the difference between an excellent, and just a pretty good one is?

I have a couple of confessions.

#1. When I make Espresso Martinis at home it’s because my coffee has cooled and what else am I to do with it?

#2. I don’t always use Kahlua. I have been known to use Tia Maria or Creme de Cacao and although drinkable, they’re not quite right.

The production line at the Beresford Hotel prompted a discussion among my friends on what makes an excellent Espresso Martini. Mickey Sewell, our helpful mixologist, not only shared his secret but provided a history lesson on the origins of this much-loved cocktail.

Legend has it, in 1984 in New York City, a model was overheard asking a bartender to make her something that would ‘wake her up and f*** her up’. Original versions were known as ‘The Stimulator’ but with some tweeking, we now have the delicious Espresso Martini on our cocktail lists.Esspresso Martinis at The Beresford

As far as the secret to mixing one, well here goes:

You’ll need a cocktail shaker and a chilled martini glass.

Pour equal shots of cold espresso, your favourite vodka and Kahlua into the shaker with ice.

Swirl sugar syrup 1.5 times around the circumference of the shaker then shake 30 times. 

Yes, that’s correct, 30 times! That is the secret!

This causes the creme to develop from the base of the glass and settle at the top, similar to the way a dark beer develops a head.

Drop 3 coffee beans on for garnish and enjoy!

Thanks for the tip Mickey! If I’ve veered from the precise recipe it may be due to a couple I’ve already consumed so feel free to comment and correct. Espresso Martinis, definitely a thing we love….

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