Dubai Dining: Intersect by Lexus!

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Japanese Interior Designer, Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall is behind the concept of Intersect by Lexus. Creating a space between work and home to #eat #drink #explore & #shop, his intention is “for the customer to feel the Lexus brand without actually sitting behind the steering wheel”.

Known for his attention to detail, Katayama’s Intersect by Lexus design is unlike any other Dubai restaurant.

Are you ready for something a little different?

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Lighting and Moulding.


On entering, Masamichi Katayama’s interior makes an immediate impression. The basement gallery showcases a Lexus supercar, bamboo moulded walls replicate the Lexus Spindle Grille and lighting features draw the eye to the sculpted ceiling.

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Lexus Supercar in the Basement Gallery.

Once seated on the banquette (covered in the same leather used for the LSA supercar seats), other features emerge. Stylised units display books on fashion, photography, film and food. A marble bar is backed by a global landscape of iconic buildings. Even walking to the washroom becomes a sensory journey.

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Lexus supercar seating, bamboo grille and books.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
The Marble Bar.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
A wall of matchbox Lexus’ on the way to the washroom.

If you know Dubai, then you’ll know the weekend brunch is an institution and although Intersect by Lexus joins 90% of Dubai in offering brunch on Friday, they’ve broken the mould with an additional brunch on Wednesday Evenings. At AED 175 for the soft package and AED 250 for the booze package, Intersect by Lexus also represents terrific value.


The whole foods weighted menu begins at the salad bar and on our visit comprised of 6 incredibly tasty options. No run of the mill green salad here.

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Scrumptious Salads.

Starters are staggered so as not to overwhelm and reordering favourites is encouraged. With 9 starters, mains to order & 4 desserts to completely finish you off, think carefully before reordering. 😉

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Carrot Emulsion & Yoghurt Tartine.
Lentil Pate on Unleavened Buckwheat Bread.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Tuna Tartar, Avocado, Cucumber & Citrus Dressing.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Beef Gyoza.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Baby Squid, Sweet Corn Jus & Puffed Rice.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Grilled Chicken, Red Cabbage & Peanut Dressing.

Things are beginning to get serious. A little stretching may be required, perhaps a belt notch loosened. That’s right, it’s time to order mains.

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Duck Breast, Parsnip Puree & Broccoli.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Grilled Tuna, Potatoes & Radicchio.

Other options: Beef Flank with Brussel Sprouts Purée & Roasted Cauli; Mushroom & Barley Risotto with Sour Cream; Grilled Prawn with Heirloom Tomatoes & Romesco Sauce; Mograbiah (pasta) with Vegetables & Tomato Sauce.

Who can resist Dessert? 

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Seasonal Fruit & Honey.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Ginger Coconut Panna Cotta & Mango Ice Cream.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Pistachio Tart & Almond Ice Cream.
Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Carrot Cake & Hazelnut Gel.


Aperol Spritz & Aperol Negronis are the evening’s cocktails, An Argentinian Pinot Grigio covers the white wine and an Italian Ronchetti, the red. There’s Whisk(e)y, Vodka & Gin; Asahi is the brew of choice, organic teas & coffee and fresh juices. The range isn’t wide but it has everything needed to compliment this excellent dining experience.

Intersect by Lexus. Dubai.
Aperol Negroni.


In the basement gallery, there might be paintings, leather goods, sunglasses or books to buy. Exhibitions, book and product launches have all been held here so keep an eye on their Facebook page for exhibition dates and upcoming events.

Leather Goods Crafted by Lexus.


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#eat #drink #explore #shop @ Intersect by Lexus, it’s a place we love….

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